Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Ways to Resits any Temptation:::

1) Remember who you are!
--For me it would be The Daughter of a King! A Princess(because of religious beliefs) For you it might be different. You might be the family leader or someones who leads groups of people, like a boss of a big business. Whatever you are, find it, and remember it!

2)Recognize the consequences! -Realize the "moment of the maybe"
--"Maybe if I do this, It wont hurt anyone besides me." "Maybe if I only do it one time,..." "This will be the last time, I promise!" In all reality, most of us have said these things before. Quite often in fact. These thoughts are absolutely false. Its your way of trying to get what you want. "One more hour on the computer. Its not like I'm addicted." If your telling yourself you don't have a problem, look again I'm sure you'll see differently.

Try this with me::: Think of something that you struggle with. Something that you are quite often tempted, or were tempted over. Ill share mine as an example. For some reason I am tempted to be really mean to certain people, on a daily basis. I have to remember that I am 1-the daughter of a King, and 2- i have to realize the consequences of my actions. Asking yourself legitimate question is one of the best ways to avoid giving into temptations.

3) Rededicate your life!
--For me It would be to God. Like I say, Stop,Drop, and pray.

4)Reveal Struggle/Temptation with a (Godly,) trust worthy, close friend!

5)Remove yourself from the situation!!!
-- CRITICAL!!! This is a 100% way to ensure that you aren't going to be giving in. Lets look at a few examples...
1- You found yourself tempted to smoke pot with your friends. What do you do? Remove yourself! Good Job! You find away home. Parents, a friend who isn't smoking pot, anything!

2- Your friends girlfriend is being annoying. You really just want to punch her in the face. What do you do? That's right! You punch her, oh, I mean, you remove yourself!! Walk away or something. You get the point ;)

Hope that these help whoever reads them. They helped me a ton :)

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