Things You Should Know

If your not happy because you are "Too Fat" or "Too skinny", then watch this and read some of the comments I found on Youtube:::



to me, being skinny is a sign of one taking care of them self, with that being said being as skinny as the girl in the video, not only is she unhealthily skinny shes also unattractive, physically and mentally- to actually think that attractiveness comes from being skinniest, it shows her true shallowness, insecurity, lack of appriciation of the person from within


You know what, im 19yrs old 5"5 and weigh around 108 pounds. People call me skinny, toothpick, you name it ive heard it. Im not boney.. my face looks full and healthy my breasts are average my butt is average. Whenever i feel bad about myself im going to think about this poor girl. Im like four or five times the size of her!! She will be my inspriration to just be healthy and accept myself whatever shape or size =)


I think one of the saddest things in life is

when people dont see themselves as perfect

in some way. No one should have to suffer like that....

She was on oprah, and they showed her after she got help, and she looked sooo

much better...I feel bad that people just cant find some beauty within themselves...if you are mad at the way you look when you look in a mirror, break or shatter the mirror, and say i am beautiful just the way i am, and no one, not even the media can change that... :)

Bulimia and Anorexia are psychological disorders which distort your perception of your body image. If she were in our mental state, she would damn well have a burger and fries with no regrets.
From the looks of the comments here, Im going to go ahead and say "insensitivity" is a psychological disorders as well.. some of here can't help being pricks.

This is so awesome!!!:::

You better like those double rainbows. Watch it:::