Monday, October 10, 2011


I can't sleep. Guess who is going to be chugging tea in the morning :) THIS CHICK. and thats not even the unny part. I did't do a project... and its due in the morning. It's anout gross CHICKEN POX. Yeah, so attractive. <3. Well, I really don't want to sleep. Like I can't stop thinking... about soooo much... I want to go party. And just forget about everything for, like, ALL NIGHT??! But I want my people to go with me... and by "my people" I really just mean Mr.Ben :3 He would make dancing A LOT more fun. Can't wait for prom now. PROMPROMPROMPORNPROM. pahh, see what I did there? NO. No you did't. I just MINDFUCKED you. Bitch.

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